Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Don’t wait until the last minute and scramble to get your mother a heartfelt gift. While you are thinking about your momma, don’t forget about our other mother as well, Mother Earth. Here are a couple eco-friendly ideas that will show your mother how much you appreciate her without harming the planet.

Cook Brunch

Make plans to cook brunch for your mother or cook together. She will love the time spent with you and she will be happy to share some of her special recipes! Try to gather as many fresh ingredients to make the meal as earth friendly as possible (check out your local farmer’s market for produce). Fresh food and herbs always make the meal taste better and have the added benefit of not being a packaged good!

Day at the Spa

We all know how hard our moms work to take care of us (even when we are adults), while simultaneously trying to get millions of other things done. Most mothers would greatly appreciate a break. Giving her the treat of a day at the spa shows that you see her hard work and recognize that she deserves to be pampered. If you can find a natural or eco-friendly spa, that would be even better!

You could even create a spa package gift set for her. There are soaps, essential oils, and other beauty products that you can buy that have plastic free packaging or better yet, have no packaging at all.

Go Thrift Shopping

Instead of buying her an outfit that she might or might not wear, plan a day of thrifting. Thrift shopping is becoming a lot more popular for a good number of reasons. Not only do you get to find unique items, you are also choosing to avoid fast fashion – avoiding harmful working conditions and saving the environment from toxic dyes, chemicals, and fabric waste. Depending on where you live, you can shop at stores where you can find great deals or you can shop at certain boutiques that have one of a kind vintage pieces.

Spend Quality Time Together

Do you ever hear the response from your mother, “Oh, don’t buy me anything. I already have everything”? Well how about planning a day of quality time together. You don’t have to spend money and you don’t have to feel guilty for not buying her anything. Plan out a hiking day trip, take her sightseeing, or enjoy some time in nature together. Use your time together to have cherished conversations with one another. We should never take the time we have with our mothers for granted.

Again, here is a reminder that Mother’s Day is coming up and we thought we could help you out by giving you a couple easy eco-friendly gift ideas. The day is about celebrating our mother’s and their amazing dedication, selflessness, and love that they have given to us since the day we were born. Not only should we show our appreciation towards them, but we should also show our gratitude to Mother Nature who has given us this beautiful planet that we live on every day.

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