You might’ve seen news segments, documentaries or blog posts about our planet’s health being less than optimal. We are already seeing the negative effects of climate change all around the world and we are seeing plastic waste building up more and more every day.

Some countries have already taken successful measures to limit environmentally harmful practices, while other countries seem to be going backwards. Large corporations can either keep damaging our planet by adding pollutants to our atmosphere or they can make a stand towards adopting more sustainable practices. But are there enough corporations willing to change? Is it best to leave it up to large corporations or do we need to take matters into our own hands?

Our Actions Speak Louder Than Words

We can complain all we want about harmful environmental practices and how our governments or large companies aren’t doing enough. However, as much as we criticize others, are we really practicing what we preach?

For example, if we want fruits and vegetables without plastic packaging, we should buy fruits and veggies without plastic packaging. Buy products and support companies that share your values.  

Buying more organic foods shows companies that the demand for organic products is increasing. Therefore, they might launch new organic lines, supplying consumers with more options. If we buy more high quality foods, the demand will go up and businesses will see the benefit in producing more of these products.

If companies know that people are more interested in sustainable foods and practices, the best company decision would be for them to incorporate more eco-friendly practices.

Support Local Businesses

Supporting and shopping from your local community has become popular again and for a good reason! When you make the decision to go to a restaurant that serves local dishes and organic produce, you are showing that you want food of high quality and you want to support your community.

Every time you spend money, you can either use it to support changes that benefit the environment or you can use that money to support huge corporations that are using pesticides and harming our planet.

By avoiding large, harmful corporations, you are also decreasing the demand for those products. If people don’t want their products anymore, then ultimately they will produce less of them.

Our Small Decisions Can Lead To Bigger Changes

Each decision we make in our everyday lives can lead to a larger impact. When we decide to make our own natural cleaners instead of buying toxic chemical cleaners, we are taking a vote. When we chose to buy from our community instead of buying from low quality corporations, we are casting a vote. When we decide to go meat free to avoid the agricultural industry, we are making a statement. Our friends, families, and companies see the choices we are making and can be influenced by them.

We have to believe that our individual choices effect the planet because they do! If 8 billionpeople didn’t think their choices were relevant, then we would never see a change. The root cause of change comes from individuals like you and me.

Our thoughts, words and actions are what leads movements. Don’t take your freedom of choice for granted. Every decision and/or purchase you make is casting a vote. Make sure your vote is one that is benefiting our planet.

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